Tuition Information

Click here for a PDF of the tuition and fees School Year 2022-2023


Beginning Preschool is currently FULL for the 2022-2023 school year.  Please contact the Preschool Director to be placed on the wait list. 

Tuition and Fee Schedule
School Year 2022-2023


Administrative Fee
Per family Due with application

Beginning Preschool through 7th Grade (Tentatively 8th Grade)


    • K-7: For new families, registration does not constitute automatic enrollment.  A family interview and assessment may be scheduled after we receive the administrative fee, birth certificate and record of immunizations.
    • Preschool and Pre-K: Administrative fee must be paid and immunization records must be turned in to hold a spot in class.  (We are not permitted to make exceptions).
  • If annual tuition is paid in full by August 1st, the accounting office will apply a 5% discount.
  • Tuition payments begin August 1, 2022, and are due by the first of each month. Payments received after the 5th of each month will be assessed a $20 late fee.
  • Returned check fee is $20.
  • Monthly tuition fees are to be paid at the accounting office located in the main church building. Tuition or fees may also be paid online at .When paying online, please indicate what your payment to CCS is for in the comments box. Please consider using eCheck when making payments online.  When using eChecks, the school is only charged 50 cents per transaction instead of a 2% processing fee for debit/credit cards. If paying by debit/credit card, please also consider adding the 2% to your payment
  • A financial aid application is available from the school office. Financial aid is only available for grades kindergarten through 7th grade. Registration must be complete before applying and is due by July 1st.If you would like to donate to the tuition scholarship fund, contact the school office.



1st Child

2nd Child

3rd Child

4th Child 

Middle School (6th-7th) (Tentatively 8th Grade)

$5,390.00  $539/month

$4,580.00 $445/month

$4,310.00 $431/month

$4,040.00 $404/month

Elementary (1st-5th)

$5,290.00 $529/month

$4,500.00 $450/month $4,230.00 $423/month $3,970.00 $397/month

Kindergarten (Full-day)

$4,800.00 $480/month

$4,080.00 $408/month $3,840.00 $384/month $3,600.00 $360/month

Pre-Kindergarten (4-day)

$2,770.00 $277/month

$2,490.00 $249/month $2,350.00 $235/month $2,210.00 $221/month

Pre-Kindergarten (2-day)

$2,140.00 $214/month

$1,920.00 $192/month $1,810.00 $181/month $1,710.00 $171/month

Beginning Preschool (4-day)

$2,770.00 $277/month

$2,490.00 $249/month $2,350.00 $235/month $2,210.00 $221/month

Beginning Preschool (2-day)

$2,140.00 $214/month

$1,920.00 $192/month $1,810.00 $181/month $1,710.00 $171/month